BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
assorted-fixesremove dependence on nightly and remove_itemAndy Wortman5 years
dm-fixupclean up DM support, add thing to send DMsAndy Wortman5 years
masterfix dumb double-encoding of DM textiximeow5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-01-15fix dumb double-encoding of DM textHEADmasteriximeow
2018-01-15Merge pull request #12 from iximeow/show-handle-during-composeiximeow
2018-01-15show handle when composing tweets or repliesiximeow
2018-01-15Merge pull request #10 from iximeow/hm-translationiximeow
2018-01-15add flag to translate emoji to/from a descriptioniximeow
2018-01-15cleamup, remove unnecessary cloneiximeow
2018-01-15Merge pull request #7 from iximeow/escape-the-query-stringiximeow
2018-01-15ensure all query string parameters are properly escapediximeow
2017-12-31Merge pull request #5 from iximeow/dm-fixupiximeow
2017-12-31clean up DM support, add thing to send DMsiximeow