yaxpeax-archshared traits and definitions for yaxpeax decoders
yaxpeax-disyaxdis, a small and native disassembler using yaxpeax decoders
yaxpeax-x86yaxpeax x86 decoder
yaxpeax-armyaxpeax arm decoder
yaxpeax-m16cyaxpeax m16c decoder
yaxpeax-mipsyaxpeax mips decoder
yaxpeax-msp430yaxpeax msp430 decoder
yaxpeax-pic17yaxpeax pic17 decoder
yaxpeax-pic18yaxpeax pic18 decoder
yaxpeax-pic24yaxpeax pic24 decoder6 months
today things
camera_stuffa pile of rust to record from qhy/asi astronomy cameras6 months
hexedita hex editor (rust-y pun name pending)6 months
raytraceraytracer for telescope optics6 months
yesterday things
smartacusnotes and generators6 months
reifenfeuerdthis was a twitter client. user streams are dead, so it's dead.6 months
cryptopalsmy solutions for months
msp430-disassemblermsp430 disassembler (for microcorruption)6 months
inactive things
notesdnote commit broker (mostly to work around NAT)6 months
ixos"x86 os from scratch". a bootloader and a bit of 16-bit C6 months