AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-22bump version to 0.2.7HEAD0.2.7no-gods-no-iximeow
2021-08-22doc=include_str! requires rust 1.54+iximeow
2021-08-22document a bit of what yaxpeax-arch is all about, add README as crate docsiximeow
2021-08-22move annotation stuff to its own moduleiximeow
2021-08-13janitorial typo cleanupiximeow
2021-08-13add `AnnotatingDecoder`, supporting definitions, and a doc about itiximeow
2021-07-25preliminary changenotes for 0.3.0iximeow
2021-07-17add lc87 to the matrix, fix incorrect changelog entry0.2.5iximeow
2021-07-06fix incorrect `offset` and `total_offset` counts for non-`u8` Word0.2.4iximeow
2021-07-06add Reader impls for U8Reader on u16 addresses0.2.3iximeow
2021-07-06add ReaderBuilder to generically construct arch-required Readers0.2.2iximeow
2021-07-04update changelog and tag
2021-07-04actually enforce DecodeError impl'ing std::error::Error in std buildsiximeow
2021-07-03add crate badges and bump to 0.1.0!iximeow
2021-07-03support std::error::Erroriximeow
2021-07-03document yaxpeax_arch traits and add an AddressDiff::to_constiximeow
2021-07-03reader impls for various word sizesiximeow
2021-07-03add a Reader type that can read architecture-defined wordsiximeow
2021-07-03define a standard decode error for client libraries to useiximeow
2021-06-14address diff is an u64 thingy that can be added to addressesnonbyte-wordsiximeow
2021-05-07add yaxpeax-6502 to the matrixiximeow
2021-05-07swap termion dep for crossterm, simplify Colorization interfaces0.0.5iximeow
2021-01-15add yaxpeax-superh to the matrixнаб
2020-12-06and worse, make urls github by default while i figure out why about sometimes...iximeow
2020-12-06fix relative urls to absoluteiximeow
2020-12-06add yaxpeax-avr to the matrixiximeow
2020-12-06update README and linkify librariesiximeow
2020-08-13🥳 x86iximeow
2020-05-03add AddressDiff, CHANGELOG, and bump to
2020-03-22update readme to include x86 32-bit supportiximeow
2020-02-03that lock file shouldnt have been here...iximeow
2020-02-03add m16c to architecture listiximeow
2020-01-20bump crate versioniximeow
2020-01-20Default impl of ColorSettings was needlessly feature gatediximeow
2020-01-18bump crate versioniximeow
2020-01-18finally replace `stringy` with something usableiximeow
2020-01-13forgot one line in sorting, oofiximeow
2020-01-13default Decoder::decode() impliximeow
2020-01-13sort Cargo.toml entries, add keywords, edition=2018iximeow
2020-01-12update readme, license, Cargo.tomliximeow
2020-01-12allow for granular and customizable errors when decoding instructionsiximeow
2020-01-12color helper for misc instructionsiximeow
2020-01-12decoders are stateful, so decode functions should take them as a parameteriximeow
2020-01-12addresses are Hashiximeow
2020-01-12remove unused importiximeow