BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
no-gods-no-fix DecodeError impl on builds using yaxpeax-arch+stdiximeow9 days
0.1.1commit 3552a2d8df...iximeow9 days
0.1.0commit 61513023af...iximeow3 weeks
0.0.7commit c75153a5ef...iximeow3 months
0.0.6commit f2c6e3c008...iximeow8 months
0.0.5commit f92ec9a4bf...iximeow8 months
0.0.4commit b4259c5b68...iximeow15 months
0.0.3commit 5ef20478a4...iximeow16 months
0.0.2commit 685ce723dd...iximeow18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysfix DecodeError impl on builds using yaxpeax-arch+stdHEAD0.1.1no-gods-no-iximeow
2021-07-06update yaxpeax_arch and bump version to
2021-05-07bump yaxpeax-arch to 0.0.5 to drop the termion dep0.0.7iximeow
2020-12-06bump to 0.0.6 and fix markdown0.0.6iximeow
2020-12-06bump version to 0.0.5 update documentation some0.0.5iximeow
2020-12-06TODONE: adr with add/subtracted offsetiximeow
2020-12-06propagate up invalid thumb immediate expansioniximeow
2020-12-06warning cleanup (test edition)iximeow
2020-12-06support CPS (change processor state) and some warming cleanupiximeow
2020-12-06add ldc/sdc instructions and a slew of 32b thumb2 testsiximeow