BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
no-gods-no-bump yaxpeax-x86 to include fixes for some real-mode decode errorsiximeow8 days
0.2.9commit b9f2d5715a...iximeow8 days
0.2.8commit 0274e01d2c...iximeow8 days
0.2.7commit 56479819ec...iximeow8 days
0.2.6commit 808f4210ed...iximeow8 days
0.2.5commit d0723a4abf...iximeow9 days
0.2.4commit 12ee099cad...iximeow3 months
0.2.3commit 0fc30830f7...iximeow6 months
0.2.2commit 06aa925aff...iximeow10 months
0.2.1commit 4323ccb73a...iximeow12 months
0.2.0commit 7f7cc3e9bb...iximeow15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysbump yaxpeax-x86 to include fixes for some real-mode decode errorsHEAD0.2.9no-gods-no-iximeow
8 daysfix cratesio badge to yaxpeax-dis0.2.8iximeow
8 daysfix doc links and add a crates.io badge0.2.7iximeow
8 daysupdate readme to describe all supported architecturesiximeow
9 daysupdate decoders to yaxpeax_arch 0.2 versions, add lc87 and x86_16iximeow
2021-05-07add 6502 support via yaxpeax-6502, update other decoders, yaxpeax-arch to
2021-01-15update changelog and bump version to 0.2.3 for release0.2.3iximeow
2021-01-15update yaxpeax-x86 and -ia64iximeow
2021-01-15add superhнаб
2020-10-12add ia640.2.2iximeow