BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
no-gods-no-version bump, bumping yaxpeax-arch to 0.0.4iximeow3 months
0.0.3commit 7a8b2b5fcb...iximeow3 months
0.0.2commit 2769f88bc4...iximeow6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-05-03version bump, bumping yaxpeax-arch to 0.0.4HEAD0.0.3no-gods-no-iximeow
2020-02-06bump yaxpeax-arch, make publishable0.0.2iximeow
2020-01-18start getting pic17 towards no_std, use yaxpeax-archiximeow
2020-01-12update repository and descriptioniximeow
2020-01-12match changes in arch to have Resulty decode, instead of Optioniximeow
2020-01-12update pic17 to revised decoder traitiximeow
2020-01-12awful tweaks to expose a serde flag on yaxpeax-arch which will trickle throug...iximeow
2020-01-12add gitignore, oopsiximeow
2020-01-12update and impl new display-related triatsiximeow