BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
no-gods-no-fix `Serialize` and `Deserialize` derives failing when use-serde is enablediximeow3 years
0.1.1commit f997b42789...iximeow3 years
0.1.0commit 62ef4122f6...iximeow3 years
0.0.4commit 5a1b45e729...iximeow3 years
0.0.3commit 2b33746fd0...iximeow4 years
0.0.2commit a3d7fba380...iximeow4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-25fix `Serialize` and `Deserialize` derives failing when use-serde is enabledHEAD0.1.1no-gods-no-iximeow
2021-07-06update crate to rust 20180.1.0iximeow
2021-07-06bump to yaxpeax-arch 0.2.3, fix API changesiximeow
2021-05-07update yaxpeax-arch to 0.0.5 and fix some warnings0.0.4iximeow
2020-05-03version bump, bumping yaxpeax-arch to
2020-02-06bump yaxpeax-arch, make publishable0.0.2iximeow
2020-01-18get pic18 towards using no_std, switch to yaxpeax-arch crateiximeow
2020-01-12update repository and descriptioniximeow
2020-01-12match changes in arch to have Rusty decode, instead of Optioniximeow
2020-01-12update pic18 to revised decoder traitiximeow